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July 12th, 2013

fic: Fire (PG)

A/N: This is actually part of a fanfic series about fires, but it stands nicely by itself, since it has no references to anything in the show, except the main character in this story, which you could say is a recurring guest character in the series the fanfic is about.

FireCollapse )

February 19th, 2013

fic auction

An LJ friend of mine, and perhaps yours, mijan, is on a valiant quest to become a firefighter. This is, of course, a quest that is near and dear to my heart. In order to be considered as a career firefighter, you must have vision of 20/100 at the worst, uncorrected. So, mijan needs Lasik to get there. A friend of his has set up a giveforward site to help raise funds for the procedure.

I can't contribute financially at this point, but would like to auction a story of at least 5000 words as part of the effort. As far as I can see, this should be legal, since I don't profit from it. The winner of the auction would donate directly to mijan's giveforward site, which I don't feel comfortable sharing a link to right here, but will provide to a potential winner, of course.

Here's what I would write: a fanfic story in Star Trek: AOS, or Emergency! (if anyone even remembers that!), of at least 5,000 words in length, that fills your prompt.  Things I won't do are non-consensual sexual activity, mirrorverse, or evil deeds by a main character. There are also many AU requests that I wouldn't be able to do justice to, since I might not necessarily know that setting well enough. Fluff, angst, slash, gen, h/c--you name it, I'll write it for the cause.

Since the deadline for mijan's project is 3/22/13, I would want to end the auction by 2 weeks beforehand, 3/8/2013. You can PM me or comment here to participate! Of course there are no hard feelings if it doesn't work out; it's just a way I thought I might be able to help out in some small way.


December 20th, 2012

Warnings: You guessed it. Porn.
Part 6b: The exciting conclusion!Collapse )

Warnings for this part: Porn, and lots of it.

Part 6aCollapse )
Warnings for this part: A little sexy, and dirty thoughts. :)

Part 5Collapse )

Warnings for this section: startin' to get a little sexy.

Part 4Collapse )
Warning for this part: scene of death in a hospital
Part 3/6Collapse )

Part 2/6Collapse )
Back to Part 1a

Part 1b/6Collapse )

Title: All I Want For Christmas Is ... Inappropriate
Author: kel_1970
Rating: NC-17 by the end.
Word count: 37,750 (Yeah, it got away from me. Just a little bit.)
Warnings: Part 1: Intense medical yuckiness.
space_wrapped Prompt:109. AU: Leonard hates staffing the emergency room during the holiday season; if it's not stupid people falling from ladders while hanging lights or pretending to be Santa on the roof, it's someone slicing open their hand trying the carve the family goose. When the whole Kirk family comes in with acute food poisoning, Leonard knows it's bad form to flirt with one Mr. Jim Kirk over an emesis basin, but he can't help it.

Part 1Collapse )
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